Disc Centrifuge Operating Precautions

  1. Do not start the separator when the locking ring, inlet and outlet devices, and other fastening screws are not tightened.

  2. Do not loosen any fastening screws of the separator while the disc centrifuge drum is not completely stopped.

  3. If there is abnormal noise and vibration during operation, stop the machine immediately, disconnect the power supply, and investigate the cause.

  4. It is strictly prohibited to use flame heating or welding to repair the main parts of the drum, especially the drum body, drum cover, and locking ring. If the drum needs repair, please contact the manufacturer immediately and have it repaired by professional personnel from the manufacturer to avoid safety accidents.

  5. The drum parts of the disc centrifuge cannot be exchanged with the drum parts of other machines, nor can the parts of the same model be interchanged.

  6. The separator should not operate in overspeed or overload conditions.

  7. When replacing parts in the drum assembly, use spare parts provided by the original manufacturer and rebalance if necessary.

  8. Do not use the machine to separate materials with greater corrosiveness, higher density, and different solid characteristics than specified. Consult with the manufacturer if needed.

  9. For applications in special industries, inspect the corrosion and wear of drum parts every 2-3 months, especially the drum slag discharge port and locking ring threads. Replace damaged parts immediately if necessary.

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