Filter Bag Product Introduction (I)

I. Room Temperature Filtration Material Series:

  1. Polyester Surface Filtration Product

    The expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) microporous filter membrane is compounded onto various substrates using a special process. The coated filter material retains the inherent characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene, such as high chemical stability, low friction coefficient, resistance to high and low temperatures, and anti-aging. It can resist tiny particles while exhibiting incomparable breathability and waterproof properties compared to typical coated filter materials. It is a new type of "breathable filter membrane material."

    Applications: Used for the control and recovery of smoke and dust particles in industries such as cement, metallurgy, food, coating, petrochemicals, and plastics.

  2. Polyester Anti-High Temperature and High Oil Product

    The filter cloth is calendared, impregnated with PTFE (water repellent), dried, and heat-treated to produce a felt filter bag. It is applied in situations with higher moisture content. Compared to regular filter bags, this product is less prone to clogging, has good air permeability, quick water leakage, acid resistance, weak alkali resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good recovery, conductivity, and high strength. The service life and cleaning cycle are extended, and the gas flow rate is increased, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

    Applications: Used in conditions with high humidity and oil content to prevent bagging, reduce dust clogging, and extend the service life.

  3. Polypropylene Product

    Manufactured from high-quality polypropylene fibers, it possesses the advantages of common needle-punched filter felts. Due to polypropylene's superior acid and alkali resistance and lower softening point compared to polyester fibers, polypropylene needle-punched felts are generally applied in situations with a gas temperature below 100°C and higher acidity or alkalinity. They are used in conjunction with liquid filtration and separation equipment such as plate and frame press filters, vacuum suction filters, bag filters, centrifugal filters, etc.

    Applications: Suitable for enterprises with temperature requirements not exceeding 100°C in industries like petroleum, paint, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, sugar manufacturing, and food processing.

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