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6 bags filter housing with ASME Standard Stainless Steel 316

6 bags filter housing with ASME Standard Stainless Steel 316

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6-Bag Filter Housing with precision using ASME Standard Stainless Steel 316, this filter housing stands as a testament to high quality, durability, and performance.


1. Uncompromising Material Quality: ASME Standard and Stainless Steel 316—a material celebrated for its exceptional corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and elevated thermal tolerance. 

2. Six-Bag Configuration for Enhanced Efficiency: Each bag allows precise filtration customization to achieve optimal particle removal and purity.

3. Robust Sealing Mechanism: The housing features a robust sealing mechanism that guarantees a leak-free filtration process.

4. Streamlined Installation and Maintenance: Quick-release mechanisms, efficient bag replacements and system cleaning without substantial disruptions to your operational workflow.

5. Versatility Across Industries: Its adaptability empowers seamless integration into various processes, bolstering productivity and product excellence.

6. Compliance and Certified Assurance: The ASME certification assures compliance with industry regulations, fostering peace of mind and allowing you to focus on operations without concerns.

7. Tailored Customization: Whether it involves dimension adjustments, supplementary ports, or specialized fittings, our engineering team collaborates closely with you to achieve the perfect filtration solution.

Reach out to us today to explore how our 6-Bag Filter Housing can revolutionize your filtration processes and play a pivotal role in enhancing the success of your operations within the Beta Prime Industry.

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