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BPI-GPA-Shaft Sleeve with Internal Thread Single-End Face Containerized Mechanical Seal

BPI-GPA-Shaft Sleeve with Internal Thread Single-End Face Containerized Mechanical Seal

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Application Range:
Media: Gypsum slurry, alumina slurry, etc.;
Concentration: <40%;
Temperature: <120°C;
Pressure: <1.5 MPa;
Linear Velocity: <10m/s;

Structural Features:
This structure has an internal thread on the shaft sleeve and relies on the thread to connect the shaft and shaft sleeve. It is a type of single-end face containerized mechanical seal.
This structure uses a unique diaphragm rubber spring form, with strong anti-blocking ability. The friction pair adopts hard-to-hard materials, providing excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
The axial size of this mechanical seal is short, enhancing the stiffness of the pump shaft.
For specific material selection, please consult Beta Prime Industry.

Instructions for Use:
During installation, lubricating oil (ethyl propylene rubber cannot be coated with petroleum-based lubricating oil) should be applied to the inner hole of the shaft sleeve and the O-ring to facilitate installation.
The sealing chamber and rear guard plate should be kept as open as possible, and the sealing surface should be as close to the impeller as possible to avoid slurry accumulation around the sealing surface, leading to mechanical seal failure.
When it is confirmed that the mechanical seal is installed correctly, the hexagon socket head screws and positioning blocks must be removed before starting the machine.
External flushing water can use ordinary tap water, and the pressure should be controlled below 0.05 MPa. It should achieve normal flow, and its function is to cool down and carry away potential leaks. It is preferable for the water to enter from the top and exit from the bottom.

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