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BPI-JBM-Series Double End-face Type Mechanical Seal

BPI-JBM-Series Double End-face Type Mechanical Seal

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Scope of Application:

  • Media: Gypsum slurry, etc.
  • Pressure: <1 MPa
  • Temperature: ≤120 °C
  • Linear Speed: <10 m/s

Structural Features:

  • The mechanical seal structure is a series double end-face container type with an external cooling structure, with a locking disc drive or a split sleeve embracing the shaft drive for reliable transmission.
  • For specific material selection, please consult Beta Prime Industry.

Instructions for Use:

  1. During installation, apply lubricating oil to the inner hole of the shaft sleeve and the O-ring for smooth installation.
  2. External cooling water can use ordinary tap water, with pressure controlled below 0.3 MPa.
  3. Before starting the pump, open the water five minutes in advance. Close the water only after stopping the pump for 5 minutes.
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