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BPI-MB5-Mechanical Seal

BPI-MB5-Mechanical Seal

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Scope of Application:

Media: Oil, water, non-crystalline acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents, etc.
Temperature: -20~220°C
Pressure: <4 MPa
Linear speed: <10m/s
Shaft diameter: Φ14-Φ200mm
Viscosity: ≤300CP

Structural Features:

  1. Multi-spring, fork groove transmission, uniform pressure on the sealing end face. It is not affected by the rotation direction during use. The spring seat, spring, and thrust ring can be pre-assembled as a whole, making installation convenient.

  2. Depending on the situation, auxiliary sealing rings can be selected, including rubber O-rings, polytetrafluoroethylene V-rings, or polytetrafluoroethylene wedge rings.

  3. Complies with ISO 3069, DIN 24960, and GB 6556 standards, showing strong versatility.

  4. Can form a single or double end face seal either independently or mutually.

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