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BPI-MDB-Medium to High-Pressure Double End-face Balanced Mechanical Seal

BPI-MDB-Medium to High-Pressure Double End-face Balanced Mechanical Seal

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Application Scope:

  • Media: Gypsum slurry, alumina slurry, coal washing slurry, tailings slurry.
  • Temperature: <120°C.
  • Pressure: <2.5 MPa.
  • Linear velocity: <10 m/s.
  • Shaft diameter: Φ25-Φ160mm.

Structural Features:

  • The mechanical seal structure is a double end-face balanced type, suitable for conditions with high medium pressure.
  • The sealing device is equipped with a pressure gauge, facilitating the measurement of the sealing water pressure to prevent premature failure due to insufficient sealing water.
  • The sealing water can be recycled without entering the medium flow, ensuring no impact on the process.
  • For specific material selection, please consult Beta Prime Industry.

Instructions for Use:

  1. During installation, lubricate the inner hole of the sleeve and the O-ring seal with lubricating oil (ethyl propylene rubber should not be coated with petroleum-based lubricants) for easy installation.
  2. Connect the end with the pressure gauge to the sealing water outlet through a tee, and the other end to the sealing water inlet through a valve.
  3. The sealing water pressure should be higher than the pressure in the sealing chamber by 0.1-0.2 MPa.
  4. Before starting the pump, open the sealing water 5 minutes in advance and close it 5 minutes after stopping the pump.
  5. When the sealing water is running, it must maintain the temperature and continuity of the pressure.
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