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BPI-YN-Hard Alloy Seal Ring

BPI-YN-Hard Alloy Seal Ring

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  1. Specifications:

    • Category: Metallurgy, Minerals & Alloys - Non-Ferrous Metal Alloy - Hard Alloy
    • WC (Tungsten Carbide): 92%
    • CO (Cobalt): 8%
    • Impurity Content: <0.05%
    • Grain Size: 1.6-3.2μm
    • Material: Tungsten Cobalt-based Hard Alloy
  2. Hard Alloy Manufacturing Process:

    • Powder Production → Formulation According to Purpose → Wet Grinding → Mixing → Crushing → Drying → Screening → Addition of Binder → Drying Again → Mixing Material Obtained After Screening → Granulation → 3000-ton Compression → Shaping → Low-Pressure Sintering → Shaping (Blank) → Ultrasonic Testing → Processing → Inspection → Packaging → Warehousing.
  3. Product Applications:

    1. Widely used in mechanical seals in fields such as petroleum and chemical industry.
    2. The product includes flat rings (PH), cup rings (TH), and other special-shaped rings.
  4. Product Performance:

    1. Utilizes hard alloy with high hardness and bending strength.
    2. Stable product performance with high precision.
    3. Raw materials are carefully selected to ensure product performance.
    4. Precision grinding results in minimal dimensions and tolerances, providing superior sealing performance.
    5. Corrosion-resistant rare elements are added in the process formulation for enduring sealing performance.
    6. High-strength and high-hardness hard alloy material ensures no deformation and increased pressure resistance.
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