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BPI-ZJD-External Cooling Double-faced Containerized Mechanical Seal

BPI-ZJD-External Cooling Double-faced Containerized Mechanical Seal

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Applicable Range:

Media: Gypsum slurry, alumina slurry, cement slurry, pulp, sewage, etc.;
Concentration: ≤30%;
Pressure: <1.5MPa;
Temperature: <120°C;
Linear speed <10m/s;

Structural Features:

The structure adopts external cooling, double-faced, containerized design.
Flushing water does not enter the pump, and it does not affect the process medium.
The friction pair of the mechanical seal uses hard-to-hard materials, with excellent wear resistance.
For specific material selection, please consult Beta Prime Industry.

Instructions for Use:

During installation, lubricating oil (ethyl propylene rubber should not be coated with petroleum-based lubricants) should be applied to the inner hole of the sleeve and the O-ring for ease of installation.
After confirming that the mechanical seal is installed correctly, the hexagonal cylinder head screws and positioning blocks must be removed before starting.
External flushing water can be ordinary tap water or supplied by a blocking water supply system, and the pressure should be controlled below 0.3MPa. Its function is to cool down and take away leaks, and the two flushing holes are positioned at 120°.
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