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Scraper Bottom Discharge Automatic Centrifuge

Scraper Bottom Discharge Automatic Centrifuge

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Centrifuge Working Principle:

A centrifuge is a machine that utilizes centrifugal force to separate components of mixtures of liquid and solid particles, or different liquids. When the centrifuge operates at high speed, it creates centrifugal pressure in the suspension material under the centrifugal force field. This pressure acts on the material to be filtered. The liquid passes through the filter cloth, becoming the mother liquor, while the solid particles are retained on the surface of the filter cloth, forming a filter cake, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation.

Scraper Working Principle:

The oil station's pump pressure activates the rotary oil cylinder, which, through the hydraulic rod and straight rack, drives the guide sleeve gear to rotate. The gear transmission drives the guide sleeve, which in turn drives the lifting oil cylinder. The oil cylinder then drives the scraper, achieving the purpose of discharging the material.

Centrifuge Operation Process:

  1. Start the centrifuge at low speed. Once the speed is stable, press the "Medium Speed" button.
  2. After the medium speed stabilizes, open the feed valve to begin feeding. When the material level reaches the set point, the level controller automatically stops the feeding.
  3. Press the "High Speed" button. Once the high speed stabilizes, the centrifuge begins the dewatering process. During this phase, the mother liquor flows out through the discharge pipe.
  4. After a period of operation, when there is no more mother liquor flowing out, the material has been fully dewatered.
  5. Press the "Low Speed" button. Once the speed decreases and stabilizes, press the "Discharge" button to start the automatic scraping process. After the scraping is complete, the scraper automatically resets, marking the end of one operation cycle.

Application Scenarios:

This centrifuge is primarily used for crystalline materials, such as in sugar refineries, salt plants, and coal washing plants.

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