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Beer Separation Dedicated Disc Centrifuge-BPIDC260

Beer Separation Dedicated Disc Centrifuge-BPIDC260

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  1. Main Application Areas:
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice Production: Clarification of fruit and vegetable juice, turbidity adjustment
  • Beer Brewing: Raw beer clarification, pre-filtration clarification, turbidity adjustment
  • Wine Making: Wine clarification
  • Olive Oil Production: Olive oil extraction
  1. Features:
  • Equipped with a slag discharge system to ensure optimal yield, precise slag discharge, low noise, and high clarification efficiency.

  • Easy operation and maintenance.

  • Personalized processing integration, supporting parameter settings.

  • Small footprint, high flexibility.

Simple 4 Steps, Easy Separation:

1. Inlet Pipe: Material to be clarified enters from here.

2. Outlet Pipe: Clarified liquid is discharged under pressure.

3. Water Seal (optional).

4. Slag Discharge Port.

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