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Milk Separation and Skimming Disc Centrifuge-BPIDC410

Milk Separation and Skimming Disc Centrifuge-BPIDC410

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The disc centrifuge, also known as the disc separator, is an efficient, high-capacity, and advanced automated equipment. It is suitable for separating suspensions with low solid content and immiscible liquids with small differences in density. It is an essential equipment in multiple industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, biological products, and beverage production.


The drum in the disc centrifuge is made of 2205 or 2507 material.


  1. Based on the degree of automation control of the disc separator, it can be divided into manually discharged disc separators and automatically discharged disc separators.
  2. In the case of automatic discharge disc separators, they can be further classified based on the method of discharge, either manual-automatic discharge disc separators, also known as semi-automatic discharge disc separators, or fully automatic discharge disc separators controlled by a PLC system.
  3. According to the method of internal discharge, there are nozzle discharge separators and ring valve discharge separators.

Working Principle of the Disc Centrifuge:

This equipment operates based on the centrifugal force generated during high-speed rotation. In the centrifugal field, materials with different densities experience different centrifugal forces. Heavier solid particles deposit on the drum wall and are discharged from the machine along with a small amount of liquid controlled by PLC. The lighter liquid phase flows toward the center through the outer conical surface of the disc and is discharged from the machine through the light liquid outlet. This achieves the purpose of separating solid particles from the liquid phase.


Dairy Separation: Used for milk clarification (ordinary milk/mixed milk), cold milk separation (skimmed/standard milk), hot milk separation (skimmed/standard milk), whey clarification (mixed milk), whey separation (prefiltration/pre-clarification). Small separators are hand-driven with manual discharge, suitable for use in pastoral areas by rural households. Large separators are used for industrial production, power-driven, with manual or ring valve discharge methods.


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