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Top Discharge Centrifuges with Filter Bag

Top Discharge Centrifuges with Filter Bag

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Key Features:

  1. Rational Design: The structure is well-designed with polished surfaces. External structural components, fasteners, and the drum are made of stainless steel. The cover is a flip-type design, allowing for complete cleaning of both the cover and the drum.

  2. Robust Construction: The frame and chassis are a welded unit, providing high load-bearing strength.

  3. Simplicity and Convenience: Simple structure for easy operation and maintenance.

  4. Versatile Functionality: Suitable for separating solid particles from suspensions as well as separating fibrous materials.

  5. Advanced Features: Equipped with a variable frequency drive for smooth starts and adjustable separation factor; non-contact power braking system; anti-static belt drive; enclosed body structure with silicone rubber seals and fluororubber, meeting explosion-proof requirements for toxic, flammable, and explosive applications.

  6. Gentle Handling: Ensures minimal breakage of grains.

Working Principle:

A high-speed rotating motor drives the drum, which is connected at the top through the feed pipe. Under centrifugal force, the material tends towards the drum wall, where the liquid is discharged through the filter cloth and drum wall holes, while solids are retained inside the drum.

When the drum stops and the cover is opened, the pin of the liquid block plate is released. Using a hoist, the liquid block plate along with the filter bag is lifted to the discharge site. A special crane claw opens one end of the bag, and the cake automatically falls out.

Main Structure:

  1. Flip-top Housing: Includes feed pipe, wash pipe, sight glass, and lighting port.

  2. Explosion-proof Motor and Variable Frequency Drive Control


Designed with high standards for health and hygiene, it is typically used in the food, beverage, wine, environmental, light industry, and pharmaceutical industries. It is particularly suitable for wine, yellow wine, fruit juice, water treatment, and similar applications.

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