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BPI-MD-Low-Pressure Double End-face Unbalanced Mechanical Seal

BPI-MD-Low-Pressure Double End-face Unbalanced Mechanical Seal

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Mechanical seals mainly include conventional mechanical seals and high-parameter mechanical seals. The auxiliary system of mechanical seals improves the sealing working environment through pressure control, temperature control, impurity removal, etc. It monitors the running status of the seal, extends the service life of the seal, and enhances the reliability of the equipment.

Low-Pressure Double End-face Unbalanced Mechanical Seal:

Application Scope:

  • Media: Gypsum slurry, alumina slurry, coal washing slurry, tailings slurry.
  • Temperature: <120°C.
  • Pressure: <0.9 MPa.
  • Linear velocity: <10 m/s.
  • Shaft diameter: Φ25 - Φ160mm.

Structural Features:

  • The mechanical seal structure is a double end-face unbalanced type with no steps on the sleeve, allowing axial movement without restrictions during pump chamber installation.
  • The sealing device is equipped with a pressure gauge, facilitating the measurement of the sealing water pressure to prevent premature failure due to insufficient sealing water.
  • The sealing water can be recycled without entering the medium flow, ensuring no impact on the process.
  • For specific material selection, please consult Beta Prime Industry.

Instructions for Use:

  1. During installation, lubricate the inner hole of the sleeve and the O-ring seal with lubricating oil (ethyl propylene rubber should not be coated with petroleum-based lubricants) for easy installation.
  2. Connect the end with the pressure gauge to the sealing water outlet through a tee, and the other end to the sealing water inlet through a valve.
  3. The sealing water pressure should be higher than the pressure in the sealing chamber by 0.1-0.2 MPa.
  4. Before starting the pump, open the sealing water 5 minutes in advance and close it 5 minutes after stopping the pump.
  5. When the sealing water is running, it must maintain the temperature and continuity of the pressure.
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