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Small Model Top-Entry Mixer

Small Model Top-Entry Mixer

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Propeller Mixer

The propeller mixer, with its simple structure, light weight, easy installation, convenient operation, good sealing of the transmission part, resistance to sludge adhesion, high mixing efficiency, and a strong pulping effect, has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production. The small-scale propeller mixer can meet the needs, and in today's energy-conscious society, advocating new processes, emphasizing technological content, and using specialized machinery is of positive significance for expanding markets, improving quality, and reducing consumption and increasing efficiency, especially in food production enterprises.


  • Installed on the top of the tank or pool.
  • Meets various stirring requirements.
  • Simple and efficient.
  • Plug-and-play.
  • Can be equipped with various forms of impellers for flexible switching.


  1. Simple structure and light weight.

  2. Easy installation, easy operation, and wide application.

  3. Good sealing of the transmission part, without contaminating slurry.

  4. High mixing efficiency with a strong pulping effect.

  5. The blades wear quickly, so effective measures should be taken to extend the service life of the blades.

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